European Vacation Cost for 2 weeks

I got back from Europe a month ago and haven’t really had the chance to write post. First of, the trip was awesome. We visited 5 different cities in a span of 14 days. We went to Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg and Munich. My sister and I called this a castle tour. It was very hectic but fun. I just felt that I needed some rest after that vacation.

Berlin was our first stop. After arriving at Tegel International Airport, we took the bus to our hotel on the West side of Berlin. As I expected, we got lost from the airport to our hotel! My sister and I are not really good with directions. After a few bus trips, we finally found our way. I actually really enjoyed Berlin. We also went to Post Dam and saw the Summer Palace. Of all the places that we visited, Berlin has more history, with the World War II and the Cold War taking place in the city. I enjoyed it.

Replica of a car that was used to transport people from East Berlin to West Berlin

Prague.. oh Prague… the Castles, the bridge, the old buildings, beers and food … there’s really nothing else I could ask for and it is cheap! Prague is a very romantic city, with the most accommodating and open minded people. I have a feeling that the history has something to do with it. But no words can describe what I felt when I was there… just like Paris, I fell in love with this city. Just wishing that I can come back.

The Castle, now used as a government building

Vienna, well, if you like clean, organized, firm and proper type, then Vienna has it. The castles and the gardens are well kept. The old buildings are huge, but for some it didn’t strike me as anything different from other old buildings in Europe. The story of Sissy is quite interesting though.

The Belvedere Palace

Salzburg is probably one of the highlights of our vacation with the Sound of Music Tour! The hills are alive .. 🙂 The food is great and the town is peaceful and quiet.

Doe, a deer a female deer 🙂

The last leg of the trip is Munich. Oh Bavaria, you are amazing with food, music and great jolly atmosphere everywhere! I enjoyed my time there and will visit again. We also manage to visit the first concentration camp. It was a very humbling experience. Life changing and something that we should not forget and learn from it. We ended our trip by visiting the real Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Neuchweinstein Castle

My sister and I planned this trip in advance and the total cost is $1607.66. I don’t think this is bad. I’m a bit over $100/day in Europe which includes our hotels and airfare. I tried to itemize the cost, since we are paying in cash for the most part. But here’s the total cost for hotel, airfare and train:

Hotel: $795.39 in total split with my sister so my total cost is only $398
Airfare: $154.30 taxes and fees since we only used our mileage.
Train and Buses: $288.62 in total split with my sister so my total cost is only $145

The rest are for the things that we actually did, like the tours, museum entrance, bus passes and food. I budgeted about $2000 for the trip and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Maybe next time, I can budget for less than $100 a day…maybe a trip to Quintana Roo?