21 weeks of pregnancy – the financial journey

I reached the midpoint of my pregnancy. We found out that we are having a baby boy and all my check ups had been normal. So far, we haven’t bought anything, but it already cost us $980.09. Even though we know the cost associated to having a child, I still cringe when it hits my credit card. We are fortunate enough to not go in debt and have insurance to cover for medical bills. I have enough balance on my Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for my deductible but I choose to leave it invested. This expense is just now part of my monthly expense.

Things that I paid for

Majority of what I paid for are related to medical bills and pregnancy classes that we will take in June. I also bought a couple of maternity jeans. So far, I’m still wearing all my normal clothes and I received some shirt from my mom and my sister that are stretchy. I’m halfway there so I doubt that I’ll need to buy more maternity clothes.

Furniture shopping shocker

Given that I have never shopped for baby furniture, it was definitely a shocker when I started looking for baby items. Crib alone can go further than 1K. We visited ikea and although there are cheaper option, the furniture doesn’t look as sturdy as it should be. We also visited Pottery Barn. Everything there looks so adorable that I just want something exactly like that in the nursery. My husband reminded me that we don’t need anything cute, because our baby will make the room cute.. awww… He was also trying to make sure that I don’t purchase anything. We did decide that we will try to purchase a solid wood crib that will last and that hopefully can be passed on. I’m trying to look at the used market.

What we got for free

I already received a couple of anywhere chair from pottery barn and a rocker from our local buy nothing group. The chair will need to be personalized. It’s my chance to start embroidering the new name for our baby.  I can’t believe that I got this for free. It retails $89 in pottery barn for the smallest one. I also received 24 fuzzi bunz cloth diaper for free. It doesn’t have an insert, and we will need to change the elastics, but if we’re successful with using a cloth diaper, this can saved us quite a bit. We’ve already been told by coworkers and friends that we will receive some clothing too.

Furry baby is checking out the rocker

Fighting back by being patient

I have to remind myself to be patient from time to time. It’s hard because I just want to finish the nursery, and just purchase everything. For some reason, the baby companies knows that we’re expecting since every advertisement on my feed are baby furnitures. It is easy to purchase everything new, but I’d rather spend that money for my baby’s experience later on in life. As my husband keeps reminding me, the baby will not know the color or the design. As long as what we purchase is safe and comfortable and that we’re there for him, he will be fine.  

Monthly Spending – March 2017

Continuing on my goal to keep myself accountable on tracking my expenses, I give you my spending for March. There were few big expenses this month that I pay once once a year. I pay auto insurance every 6 months. This year, before my renewal, my husband and I decided to combine our insurance. I took the same opportunity to get a different quote for our home insurance since it is also up for renewal this year. I don’t think I will ever understand the algorithm behind insurance rates. We haven’t been in an accident or had a ticket for the past 5+ years and we drive an older car, but the insurance rate just keep increasing. We saved $260.49 by combining this expenses.

Oh hello baby!!

I also have some medical bills related to my pregnancy. Yup, I am pregnant and expecting our first child. We’re definitely very excited about this. The medical bill is my deductible. I am on a high deductible plan but our plan period ends in March and I had the opportunity to change my insurance and move from HSA to FSA. Both are tax deductible but with FSA, you can use the entire contribution for the entire year. My deductible is also lower. I haven’t touch my HSA since it’s invested. I have enough to cover the expenses and I plan to use my HSA as form of retirement fund. I am really lucky and very grateful for the insurance provided by my company. I know that for some other people, medical expenses can break a bank.

Oh Winter

I also paid to refill our oil this year. Last year, we have to refill it around February so it’s about that time. We’re thinking of ways to decrease the use of central heating. We have 4 rooms, the living room and the kitchen. In total, we’re really only in our living room, kitchen and our bedroom. I’m experimenting and bought a this heater for our living room. I need to watch out for electric bill to see the effect for the month. We’re also using less heat now, since we’ve been getting some sun – hello spring!

Mortgage & Rent1800Monthly mortgage payment
Doctor426.73Medical bill
Auto Insurance399.666 month auto for 2 cars
Student Loan200
Education125I signed up for sewing class
Electric Heater117.18
Internet75.51They overcharge me this month. I called and got a refund for the next month.
Hobby - Blog63.2I purchased a theme for this blog
Gas & Fuel45.98
Mobile Phone33.88
Tolls30Refill of toll pass
Pet Food & Supplies21.53The furry baby got some poop bags and toys from Amazon
Wedding Expenses20.73The shipping and the ad that I paid for to sell my wedding dress
Movies & DVDs5.91Rented a DVD for a date night -- oops
Parking1.5street parking when I visited the doctor
Grand Total4216.43

Want to know more – just ask. If you have any recommendation where I can manage to decrease this, feel free to comment. I thank you in advance.

Tracking: I track my expenses using mint. I really like the app and made categorizing my expenses very easy. I enjoy looking at charts and the comparison feature is fantastic.