R is thirtysomething professional who lives a very rewarding, yet frugal lifestyle. I’m a first generation immigrant, have seen poverty first hand both in another country and in United States.

I attended college and studied Accounting and Economics. I’m a CPA and currently works in accounting and finance. During tax season, I volunteer to prepare taxes for low income.

Life is going well after college and I started earning money more than I ever imagined. I also realized that I handle personal finance very differently than my peers. I never had credit card debt, saved most of my salary and bought my own place at age 23. I rarely eat out and enjoy visiting my parents for a home cook meal. My student loan was paid off in 5 years. I know that I don’t need a lot to be happy.

I was surrounded by people who are generally happy and giving even though they don’t have anything. My neighborhood consists of families where retirement funds or savings don’t exist, not necessarily because they are spendy but circumstances are not on their side, and information are not accessible.

I write to share my experiences and opinions about financial independence, and happiness in general. More so, I want to share that regardless of your circumstances, it is possible to have your financial freedom.