My DIY Wedding Favors for less than $1

Wedding favors, though not mandatory are great way to thank your guests. According to wedding stats, the average cost of a wedding favor is $251. For 100 guests, that is an additional $2.50 per guest.

Weddings are expensive and these little things add up. That said, I remembered the favors from the previous weddings and I remembered liking if it is something edible. I also know that this is an easy DIY project, so I decided to do it.

I want something edible, something sweet and something that I really liked with minimal cost. After looking through some options, I decided to give out some chocolate covered raisins and personalized it in a small container. I bought 5 3lbs chocolate covered raisins from Costco for  $9.99 each and a simple container from Amazon for $26.99. My mom helped us and added a logo on top that was printed by my sister. A couple of days before the wedding, we put the raisins in the container. Total cost for me is $76.94.

I heard from my guests that they loved it! It’s simple but I’m glad that I didn’t forego it.

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