Forming a habit of frugality

It has been a quiet end of 2016 for making money dance. In reality there were many changes that happened around that time. Lack of energy kicks in after a long day of work and this blog was neglected. At the same time, I started questioning the purpose of this blog. Fortunately, no major mishap happened around that time.

To recap 2016, I got married, went on a honeymoon, traveled for work and took on a new role. I’m now managing a team of 12 and it is still growing. It took some time to get used to the ne
w role. I had a lot of self doubts regarding my decision. I don’t necessarily need to take on a new role. I’m great with what I do and my pay is more than enough. That said, we only regret things that we didn’t do, so I dove in and hope for the best. I’m still here and thriving. I’m glad I made that decision but also warned myself that self doubt will happen again. The best part of my new role is seeing people grow, and helping them succeed. This happened fairly recently when I helped an employee get to the next level. The process took a lot of time and energy but is the most rewarding part of my job. I’m now growing my team to support my company globally. I work in a very large company, that is probably a part of everyone’s life. This is a new challenge and I know that there will be days that I will experience more self doubt.

I stopped writing mainly because I think a lot. My hours didn’t change, but I do a lot of thinking about work outside of normal work hours. This drains my energy. This is the time I question the intent of this blog. I like what I do, and get paid really well. Do I really want to retire? Retirement for me doesn’t necessarily mean not working at all. It means doing what I want and what I love on my own terms. Right now, I like what I do but it is still not on my own terms. Having this option is my definition of financial independence. It’s a wake up call.

The good news is, frugality is a habit for me. I could have easily purchase a big ticket item or started
eating out more around that time, but I didn’t. I realized that a lot of my spending decision is so ingrained in me that I no longer seek happiness by purchasing material things. Forming this habit is the key to financial independence. As a result, I have the freedom to quit my job or take a lower pay with less responsibility, if I feel the need to slow down. At the same time, it also gives me freedom to challenge myself, take on more risk without being afraid to make a mistake. I chose the latter. Being frugal gave me the option to think bigger and take out the constrains that comes with fear of getting fired. This help my decision to get out of my comfort zone and push myself.

Some day I will be able to do what I want to do on my own terms. For now, I’m very grateful that I have the option to slow down if I need to.

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