Monthly Spending – August 2016

This post is late. One month late. August has been a whirlwind. New opportunity came in at work and that took some time. A lot of time which warrants a longer post. So, let’s just say that August was all about work.

At that same month, my sister went to college and we went on a good old road trip and drop her off. It was a fun trip and brought back all the memories back when I moved in to my dorm room. Our gift to her is a new laptop, which was split between my sister and I. She paid some part of it, since she decided to get a higher end.

img_0063Our fur baby also had her annual exam. We were lucky enough to find a vet that is walking distance. Reviews were pretty good and I was happy with the new doctor. Fur baby got all her immunization and the doctors recommended that she lose a couple of pounds. Fur baby was definitely spoiled by her grandparents when we’re gone, but she’s back to normal now.

I didn’t hit my spending goal this month. I think I lapse a bit for the last two months and didn’t really track my spending. Despite of this, I was surprised that aside from the gift, I was actually on track with my spending. This just let me know that I should also budget for gift.

So here you go – my spending for August (September to come next)….

Mortgage & Rent1800This is where I choose to spend my money
Gift363Laptop and some other donation
Student Loan200
Utilities184.59Decrease from the previous bill (yay)
Travel141.8Hotel. We stayed overnight when we drop off my sister and I paid for the hotel.
Veterinary133Fur baby's annual exam + immunization
Furnishings42.13I started re-decorating my place
Fast Food34.77
Gas & Fuel33.91
Mobile Phone33.88
Rental Car & Taxi9.36Lyft
Coffee Shops9.21
Groceries3.58Our last trip to Costco on 7/31 lasted us for a month 🙂
Grand Total3101.72


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