Monthly Spending – July 2016

Spending is finally going back to normal with all the wedding detail behind us. Marriage life, so far is a bliss.

I’m starting to see some effects of tracking my expenses line by line – instead of looking at the the total. For example, since the man and I can carpool to work and I can walk/take the bus back home, I don’t drive to work anymore and no longer have to pay for parking. I’ve been walking quite a bit now, at least 2.5 miles every weekday and it’s been part of my routine. The biggest advantage of this is actually not the savings, but the fact that I can incorporate exercise on  my daily routine.

I also made a trek to ikea this month. It’s quite a drive, so I combined a visit to my parents and a visit to ikea. My sister also wants to go and we made a day out of it. I enjoy the design in the showroom, though I’m not really a fan of their products. I returned some wedding items that were not used and got a frame, which sadly need to be return.

This month, has definitely been interesting. Despite of our trip to costco twice, the last one being July 31st, I still hit my spending goal. I didn’t really cut on anything. I even went out and forgot my lunch twice this month.


Mortgage & Rent1800Property tax increased this year
Student Loan200
Gifts & Donations98.03
Restaurants87.14Ate out twice this month
Home Supplies70.89toiletries
Wedding Expenses34copy of marriage license and fee for preowned wedding dress
Gas & Fuel31.36
Tolls30Added more on tolls
Furnishings21.89ikea trip which will need to be returned
Personal Care12.74hmm.. can't remember
Rental Car & Taxi13.29I tried a new car sharing service for fun
Snacks0.69Chocolate bar



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