Monthly Spending – June 2016

June, June, June.. I will never forget you. This is the month I got married and went to Dublin and Greece with the man. I was basically out for most of the month traveling after the wedding. Before that my in-laws were in town to helped us prepare for the big day. I was surprised to see that my spending was actually lower even with the travel expenses.

Most people will be surprised that I don’t have a budget. I never did. I just don’t spend on things that will not make me happy to begin with. I make sure to maximize the utility of every dollar and for it to serve me well. I’m not against budgeting. In fact I even told my parents that they should try it out since they can’t seem to control their spending. My method started out of necessity, when I don’t even have any money to begin with and I have very little to spend. It just rubbed on for years, and now it is just second nature to me.

What I do is track my spending. In the last few years, when I looked at my annual expenses, I looked at the top 5 and asked myself if it’s worth it. This year, I’m tracking every line item through mint as it goes and monthly through here. My hope is to keep on finding ways to optimize my spending.

Wedding Expenses1779.2Mostly honeymoon expenses, hair and makeup and flowers
Mortgage1600High, but worth it.
Shopping-83.16I canceled my prime membership. I think it is worth it
Student Loan200My parents took some student loan for me and I offered to pay it for them. I could pay this right up front, if I want to.
Utilities 196.30WSG. Next project is to figure out how to decrease this.
Internet + landline66.05This is the cheapest I can get from Comcast
Restaurants57.95Take out when we had visitors
Mobile Phone33.88Monthly phone. I have unlimited data and text and 100 minutes from T-mobile
Groceries7.11Unusually low. Since we know that we will be out, we ate what we had here, and in-laws took care most of it.
Incidentals2.73Unnecessary expense. I forgot my contacts container and have to buy one from the airport (brain fart!)
without wedding expense2080.86This is extremely low and I don't expect it next month


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