Monthly Spending – May 2016

Holy cow, I spent a lot! May is typically a big month for my spending even in the past. This is usually the month where I will book a trip or go on a trip. Birthdays are also celebrated this month. That said, I have a couple of things going on this year with the wedding and electronic purchase. I’m hoping that this is really just a one time expense.

My goal is financial independence. This doesn’t necessarily mean early retirement, but more sense of fulfillment. I like what I do now, but I don’t like the feeling of being tied to it. My first step is to determine my spending. In my opinion (and only mine), I already live a pretty frugal life. I do have one big luxury which is the biggest line item you can see below.

So folks, here it is. For those that are willing to comment and provide some insights, I’m all ears.



Let’s see how I can optimize it this year. My goal is to reach about $3000 on average (including mortgage).

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