Monthly Spending – May 2017

We welcome May with a lot of warm weather. I mean A LOT. For a pregnant women living in the northwest, this can be very uncomfortable. I needed 2 fans on me for a couple of nights to sleep. We also talk about buying an AC for the room. Usually, I won’t consider this, but I’m giving myself a break here. C’mon, I am going on my third trimester during the hottest months of the year.

Name Change, Furry baby and the Mr’s birthday

I changed my name this month. There were interesting trips to Social Security and DMV, but I managed to do it in 1 afternoon. I’ll call that a win. It took almost the full month to change it for everything else (I’m sure I’m not done yet).

The furry baby also needs to get her heartworm medication. We are walking distance to a pet store that host the Good Neighbor Vet 2 Saturdays of the month. I bought a full year’s worth of medicine which included a free heartworm test all for $46. I really like this clinic. They only perform preventative care at extremely affordable price, including preventative medications. The Furry baby still has a different doctor when she get sick.

And of course, this month, we also celebrated the Mr’s birthday. We had a simple celebration at home and invited our close friends. I definitely enjoyed hosting people at home instead of going out. It is easier to plan than calling a restaurant for reservation, it’s more relax and of course cost way less.

Here’s my expenses for May.

Mortgage & Rent1800Monthly mortgage payment
Hotel785.54Our trip to LA in April
Student Loan200
Rental Car & Taxi126.22LA trip
Groceries77.94Cheap since the Mr is usually paying for the grocery while I pay for the utilities
Lab Exams56.17Deductible for lab exams
Restaurants55.361 lunch, 1 brunch and cupcakes
Veterinary46Furry Baby's year's supply of heartworm medication
Gas & Fuel45.27
Mobile Phone34.03Cheap unlimited text and data with 100 minutes from t-mobile
Food & Dining30.83The Mr's birthday dinner
Name Change12DMV fee for my new license
Blog11.88Annual renewal of the website
Baby preparation10.33Elastics for the cloth diaper
Grand Total3357.78

Want to know more – just ask. If you have any recommendation where I can manage to decrease this, feel free to comment. I thank you in advance.

Tracking: I track my expenses using mint. I really like the app and made categorizing my expenses very easy. I enjoy looking at charts and the comparison feature is fantastic.

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