Monthly Spending – September 2016

September is a pretty average month. I don’t have any big spending and it’s been consistent month over month. On average I’m spending a little more than $3K per month since I started tracking my spending every month. This month, I even purchase a “new to us”¬†furniture for the house which led me to projects I wrote in here and here. Even with that, I didn’t really spend much. It was my sisters birthday month, so they also received some present. I used some gift cards to purchase that.

I did notice that I bought snacks 3 times this month – all the same large hershey milk chocolate bar. It’s not expensive, but I didn’t realize that I’m eating that much candy every month. The bar is only $1.79 per bar (the largest one) but I’m eating that whole thing almost every week. That’s a lot of sugar intake. This is one of the benefit at looking closely on your spending, regardless how little it is. I’m not against eating candy, but if I think about the times that I bought one, it acted more of stress reliever than me craving for a candy. As I said, I took on a new role and I’m still trying to navigate what it means and ways to handle stress. It’s good to see this pattern, so I can stop it.

My spending is just a little below August. I used mint and download it on excel. From there, I look at every line item and check if there’s something unusual. This month, I even spend $3 for an ATM fee – oops.

Mortgage & Rent1800This is where I choose to spend my money
Furnishings523.17Some new to us furnitures and supplies
Student Loan200
Groceries185.69A very low Costco trip
Restaurants47.24This is mostly brunch
Cash & ATM40This should be all restaurant spending too
Mobile Phone33.88
Shopping33.56part of the decor
Gas & Fuel26.22
Gifts & Donations25Donations
Gift22Sister's present
Home Improvement10.95part of the house furnishings
ATM Fee3oops on this.
Grand Total3016.81

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