Puppy Puppy Puppy = $$$

We got a corgi last memorial day weekend. Mr. MJ wants a puppy since he turned 30 and that was 3 years ago. We waited until we got a house with a yard to get a puppy. For some reason he was able to convince me to get one. Growing up, I’m scared of dogs. I still get startled when they start barking, so it’s really surprising even for myself to get a dog.

It all started on a long weekend after doing a lot of house work. I’ve been surfing the internet and found a puppy just south of Seattle. We didn’t have any plans so we decided to drove an hour and a half to “shop” for a puppy. Let me tell you, you don’t just “look” at a puppy, chances are you get one. Some of our friends told me that it took them a while to find one, so I’m not expecting to get it at first look. But then we saw her. She’s calm, a bit shy and very sweet. We can’t leave without her. I knew right away that we’re going to get her, it’s just that we didn’t even carry enough cash with us, knowing that we’re really not going get a puppy! Well, we found a convenient store with an ATM and after 4 withdrawals, we went back and got her.

There are certain things that I wish I knew before getting a puppy. I want to share this so readers can prepare and learn from my mistakes.

1) Consider a breed that will complement your lifestyle. We both work and know that we want a puppy that doesn’t need a lot of grooming, calm and a bit active. Well, mistake #1 happened. Corgis are soooo cute but they are also very active. I didn’t know that they are herding dogs. Our puppy needs to run a lot. She gets to this “crazy mode” where she will run around our backyard and weave through my planters. Well, that’s about twice a day. We were surprised in the beginning, but watching her on her “crazy mode” is pretty hilarious. We’re also walking a lot more now with her and seeing our neighborhood.

2) Breeder vs rescue. We knew that we want to go to a breeder right away. I have nothing against rescue, but it’s really hard to get a puppy through there. We don’t want to miss puppyhood, so we got a breeder. Look for a breeder that socialize their animals. Our puppy loves people, but scared of barking dogs. She also has worms when we got her. It’s normal for a puppy, even with deworming, but maybe a better breeder would give you a better one.

3) If you go to a breeder, go to a vet right away. We waited for 4 days before going to the vet and find out she has worms.

4) Get the right vet! This is a very costly mistake for us. I chose the vet really close to our neighborhood despite the reviews. I mean there’s so much dogs on our neighborhood that I thought everyone goes there. WRONG! Our puppy got so sick after going there and we have to go to an emergency visit which caused almost half as her. I then went to a vet recommend by a good friend after confirming all the positive reviews. Our puppy and our wallet liked her.

5) Get insurance. I’ll let you know after a year if it is cost effective. Given that she’s a puppy, I want to be prepare for medical cost. If you do get an insurance, get it right away as most of them will not cover any pre-existing condition.

6) Research a good puppy training class. It cost us more but is definitely worth it. She loves it and we learned a lot training her. In less than week after her class she knows how to seat, stay, down and her bed. She’s learning how to high five now 🙂

7) Don’t go overboard at Petco! This is my mistake! I basically spent a LOT in Petco which I end up returning after researching more for DIY. I visited goodwill to get her “bed” which is really just a baby comforter, her blanket, a bucket, food storage and some towels, all for $10. I also frequented Amazon. for supplies such as pee pads, doggy bell, doggy bag and some kong toys. There’s a lot that is one time expense, but is a lot cheaper at Amazon.  It still cost some, but not as much as Petco!

Our running total for her is just a bit more than $2000. A lot of it is for the purchase of her and medical expenses. Writing about the details of this 2K will warrant another post after about a year.

Do you have a pet? What will you recommend to a new pet owners?

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