I compiled the list of products I used which help me save money or make my life a lot easier, in case you want to try it. I don’t buy unnecessary items and try to perform some research before purchasing or trying out a service.

Some links will result to a commission to support this site at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products that I personally used.


Capital One 360 – I’ve been using this bank since 2006, when it was called ING Direct. Capital One acquired it. They lack physical locations, but constantly offer the best savings rate. It’s free checking, free savings — really no fee. If you need to withdraw from your checking account, you can withdraw for free at any AllPoint Location. In my area, these are ATMs at gas stations, grocery stores and 7-elevens.


Used Wedding Gowns

Preowned wedding dress – You can browse literally thousands of wedding dresses here. I bought and sold mine through this website. Save a big sum of money by getting your dress used.