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We hit the mid year of 2015. This year had been promising so far. Milestones are attained and I could have never asked for anything more. I’m very grateful and feels very privilege to be where I am right now. This year, we managed to buy a house. I don’t consider this a starter home, but our home, where I can see myself building a family. You can say that this is a lifestyle inflation and I will not disagree. This is something that I thought about for a while and decided that I want to spend on this. This purchase makes me happy.

At the same time, I sold my condo. Selling my first property is very personal, but I did it for peace of mind. I’m lucky that I purchased the condo when the market was down and was able to sell it when everyone else seems to want to buy a place. I also got lucky that my former neighborhood changed so much in the last five years. Overall, I have enough to cover for down payment for the new house with a lot more left. I’m really just moving my investment from one real estate to another without touching any of my other investment.

The move made me very conscious of the stuff I own. We more than double the size of our house but I can’t seem to get myself to buy anything. In contrast, I actually start selling my stuff and my goal is to get rid of more. So why did I buy a new place? First, I actually want a house, a yard, a kitchen that can fit more than one person and a place that I can grow into, while staying in the city that I love. This house is perfect, in a great neighborhood and is just about 5 miles from work. I can honestly say that we got a bargain on this house.

When I first started blogging, I wrote about paying off my mortgage within 5 years. Life changed this past year. I got into an accident and all of a sudden, my focus is on getting better.  Health will always be my number 1 priority. I’ve always been financially conscious. I got my own CD when I was 17 and learned more about savings and investment. I have to do this on my own. I grew up in a very loving family but unfortunately, my parents aren’t financially savvy. For some reason, I always have this fear of being poor. Lack of money has always been an issue with my parents and most of their fights are about that. I told myself that I will always have enough. Not a lot but enough.

And so this blog started. I’ve always been different from my peers financially or just my generation in general. I never carried a credit card debt and mortgage is the only outstanding debt I have. I need to get a student loan but it was paid within 5 years. I used to buy stuff, not a lot but enough for me to go to the mall and found all these trinkets and stuff that I’ve used once or maybe twice but will honestly never use again. To that point, I asked myself, what exactly do I need to survive? How can I purposely live my life that I will never worry about lack of money and actually use my precious time for things that makes me happy?

Cute, but I never used it and is a bit small for me. Sold on ebay

I have everything that I want and more. I don’t mind my job but at some point I want to take some time to travel, write, dance and experience life outside of the 9-5 routine. It might not be popular, but I know that this will make me happy.

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