My 9 year old macbook

I recently purchase a macbook air. Prior to this, my personal laptop is a Macbook, circa 2007, running an OS X. I call her snow white and this post is about her.

Can you tell she's 9 years old?
Can you tell she’s 9 years old?

Snow white is my very first purchase from my first paycheck after college. I have a work laptop but decided to keep a personal one because I thought that it will help me keep my work life balance. I’ve never uses a Mac before but I wanted something totally different from a PC, both look and feel. I’ve had so many experiences with Snow White. She traveled with me, have all my photos from the past 9 years, and aside from the battery, it is still in great working condition. She seems ageless and never gave me any issue until now (or actually it’s not her, it’s the third party software that don’t want to support her). I started looking for a new laptop when it reached 7 years. I thought at this time, this laptop is fully depreciated according to IRS, so I “deserve” a new one. I was about to purchase and look at prices for the same laptop. It will cost about $1000 + for me to replace it. This was a big purchase so I figure that I really need to justify the cost.

I delayed the purchase because in my opinion, Snow White still 100% meet my needs. I chose not to upgrade the OS because I know that the hardware can’t keep up with it and at that point, it will be very frustrating to have a slow computer. It lasted for another year until most of the apps are no longer supported. It didn’t bother me since I only use it to write, peruse at photos and surf the net. Actually, the laptop has more processing power than a chrome book which really the only thing I need.

I continued using Snow White. I told myself that I will purchase one once the computer no longer meet my needs. It came to a point when chrome is no longer supported and I cannot access my drive to any browser. Crap, I need to update the OS. At this point, I’m hitting a 9 year mark and it became a fun challenge to keep my laptop until it hit 10 years. A decade for a computer is unheard of! Well, I obviously didn’t hit that mark but I did look at the option of extending her life.

yes, she's not perfect

Cost or purchasing new vs changing and upgrading the hardware

New computer will cost $999 for the basic macbook air. Tax included, it will be $1099. Extending her life will cost roughly $300. This is the cost of the solid state hard drive, ram, batteries and OS. Obviously, extending her life is a cheaper route and it’s a fun experiment to tinker around her. I mean how hard would it be?

It was a hard decision, but after 9 years, I don’t think a $300 investment on her is worth the cost. The processor will still be running the same. I can choose not to upgrade her to latest OS and wait until that is no longer supported, but at this point, it’s just a matter of months and a laptop is a must have in my household.

She’s still in my office. I still plan to upgrade her as a fun project with my little sister. I mean how often can you open and dissect the inside of a macbook? I will try my best to respect her and be very careful when I open her up. Who knows, maybe Snow White v2 will emerge and can be repurpose some other way.

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