Spring cleaning – why I will never hire someone to mow my lawn

Spring is upon us. Every door in our neighborhood have fliers on their door step —  you know asking you for your money in exchange to 20 minutes of  them in your yard, pushing a mower. Or maybe more, they might even trim your bushes and pull weeds in exchange for more money. I actually know a lot of people who hire someone to do this and are shock to know that I don’t. I mean c’mon Mr. Flores is so affordable and the value of your house will increase, etc, etc, etc. Well, I don’t think they can ever convince me. Why, you ask? Well, aside from the cost, here’s at least 3 reasons why.

1) Relaxation —  I actually look forward to being outside, getting some sunshine and tending to my small yard. It might be weird, but pulling weeds and doing something with my hands is actually very relaxing.

2) I get to know my neighbors — At this day and age, we rarely know our neighbors. We moved here about a year ago and overtime that I work in the front lawn, our neighbors will actually cheer on us and introduce themselves.

3) My furry baby gets a lot of socialization — My puppy is usually on a long leash tied to our front porch and she gets to watch people of all kinds walk by. Really, she sees them all from strollers, bikes, flag, costumes, etc. Sometimes she will bark if it’s new but she’s very popular in our neighborhood and she gets a lot of petting at this time

I’m pretty sure there’s more here but aside from the above, I also get to save at least $75/week, quote that was given to us by a friend’s gardener.

How about you? Will you hire someone to mow your lawn?

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