How to sell your wedding dress online

I wrote about tips on buying your wedding gown online here. I bought my gown more than 70 percent off the original price and sold it for half the cost after I used it. There are many reasons to sell the gown aside from an extra income. Personally, I wouldn’t want to keep a fabulous garment in a closet. I would love to see the gown used by another bride again and pass the savings.

I bought my gown for $436 including shipping. I sold it for $270. I spent $15.69 to ship it and $30 to list it at

How to sell your wedding dress online

Step 1: Know your size the day of your wedding. This is an important detail because you will use it when you list the gown. Measure yourself and take note of it before you go on a honeymoon so it’s handy. This includes the length of the gown with the shoes that you’re wearing.

Step 2: Ask your photographer to take a photo of the gown by itself. A professional image can add value to the actual price of the gown. Take some photo with yourself as well. Seeing it on a person can give buyers ideas if it fit their vision.

Step 3: Clean your gown, either professionally or yourself. I personally put my wedding gown on a wash — yes you can wash your own wedding gown and saved at least $200 of dry cleaning fee. You have to make sure that the gown is polyester, which most wedding gowns are. For those that are scared, have it professionally dry clean. If you dry clean it, keep the receipt.

Step 4: List it as soon as possible. This can be hard for some. Who doesn’t want to look at their wedding gowns and be reminded of their special day? If you wait, you might find yourself staring at it in your closet 5 years later. Unless your gown is vintage, the value of the gown DO NOT appreciate. Don’t wait to list it.

Step 5: List on multiple sites or on a consignment store. Before listing it, I send some photos to my local consignment stores of the wedding gown. I prefer to sell it locally, but the shop didn’t accept it. I then listed on ebay and preownedwedding dress. Preowned wedding dress charge a $25 fee to list the dress. If you sell on ebay take note that they charge a selling fee. This fee includes the shipping cost.

You can also list it to the following website that specialized on selling used wedding gowns. I did not personally use any of these but I checked it out when I was looking to purchase.

Nearly Newlywed – This company will clean, ship and hold the dress for you. They charge a pretty hefty 35% fee. As a buyer, I also noticed that their prices are higher. It might work for you if you have a designer gown and looking to sell for top dollar. They charge an extra $235 to clean the dress.

Tradesy – This company will send you a shipping kit. If you don’t have a box that comes with the gown, this might be a good option.

Step 6: List as much information as you can. This includes, the gown size, the street size you typically wear, your measurements when you wore the gown as noted on step #1. Add the location of the wedding. An outdoor wedding typically means the gown is dirtier. Include the designer, fabric and the style of the gown. Add the photos too – at least 4 pictures of just the gown. If you have some details like beading, add it there. Add a couple more pictures with a person wearing it.

Step 7: Price it well. This is the most important step. I initially price my gown for $400. I searched through the site and it has a comparable price. I waited for about 6 months and I still don’t have any leads. I slash the price to $270 and I sold it within a week.

Step 8: Promote the gown. Post the link on Facebook or Instagram. I paid an additional $5 to promote the gown on preowned wedding dress. It’s totally worth it because I received 5 leads in a week and sold my gown during the same week.

Step 9: Ship the gown. I’m lucky that I get a discount from UPS and was able to ship it for 1/3 of the price. When you ship it, make sure that you box it well. I kept the original box it came with when I purchased it.

Step 10: Enjoy knowing that someone else can walk down the aisle with a beautiful dress just like you did!