The perfect wedding shoes for less than $30

Being comfortable on your wedding day should always be the top priority for the bride. This means everything that you wear should fit perfectly, including shoes. I’ve been searching for the wedding shoes right after I got my wedding dress. I have flat feet and I’ve been wearing minimalist shoes for the past 3 years. In addition to my flat feet, I also have a bunion. You can only imagine the difficulty I have finding the proper shoes.

I will not compromise comfort, especially my feet. I’ve seen many situations where women complain that their feet hurts, can’t walk a couple of blocks, or took their shoes off in the middle on the night with a sigh of relief. And don’t get me wrong, I am guilty of this myself. That said, I know that I need to be on my feet for the whole day so I searched for that perfect shoes — something that I can wear for more than just a day.

So I scour every shoe store in the mall within my area, looking for something that will fit. Of course, they don’t carry my size. I looked online and discover that Amazon prime has free returns for shoes. I tried 3 different styles and sizes to find that perfect fit —  but alas nothing works. All of them were returned for free.

I then went online, typed DIY wedding shoes on the search bar and all of a sudden I have this idea on my head to paint one of my old comfortable cute brown shoes. I love this shoe and worn it so many times on my previous job, worn it at weddings or any time that skirt is part of my outfit. It’s been re-heeled and will probably need to get new pair of soles. This pair of shoe is at least 7 years old (I didn’t exactly keep the receipt, but know that I got it a couple of years after graduation).

So here’s how I managed to diy my wedding shoes for $26.22. Cost doesn’t include the actual price of the shoe. I honestly can’t remember how much it was 7 years ago.


  1. Rubbing alcohol and cotton balls to prepare the surface
  2. Leather Paint – I used a Jacquard Lumiere leather paint . I got the sample pack so I can play with the color.
  3. Fan Brush – This was recommended from the you tube videos. I got mine here.
  4. Rags
  5. cotton bud
  6. Water
  7. plastic cups
  8. Pledge Floor Finisher. I got this from a local hardware store.

Step 1 – Prepare the shoe. If you have a leather shoe, use cotton balls and rubbing alcohol. You don’t need a lot!

Step 2 – Pick a color and paint. I recommend trying a little of the color you choose to see if it is really the color that you want in the leather. I used a plastic cup (think of jello shot cups) and our a little of the paint there. I dipped the tip of the fan brush and paint it. If you make a mistake, make sure to erase it by dipping the cotton bud to water. You need to do this before the paint dry. You can re-apply as necessary, but from my experience, little paint really goes a long way.

Step 3 – finish the shoe with the pledge floor finisher. Again, you only need very little of this.

Here’s a before and after photo. I love the result!


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